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Your website is up. You put a lot of effort into the design. Of course you want a lot of people to visit your website. What’s the best way? The easiest way would of course be via Google. But when you type your website into the search bar, you see your page far too far down. It’s even worse if you only appear on the second page. how can you change that With SEO texts you can improve your ranking. But what is SEO anyway? What does this have to do with Google? Which aspects should you consider? Read through the following sections and see what exactly SEO is and how it can help your site rank higher. If you don’t understand something, please feel free to contact us.



Surfer is one of the best tools available for content planning and strategizing, as it has a range of features that can help you to find keyword ideas and turn them into content with high ranking potential.

Based upon just one keyword, Surfer will provide tons of related search terms, and categorize them into relevant groups which can help you target multiple search terms within one piece of content. It will also provide insight relating to search intent and volume.

Then, you can use the AI-powered brief tool to flesh out an SEO-optimized brief for your article briefs in just a few clicks.

Surfer also includes a content editor tool that will score writers’ content as they produce it and track which relevant search terms have been included and how often. You can also use the Surfer audit tool to edit and optimize existing content on your site.

Overall, Surfer is one of the best tools for streamlining content planning and optimization. It’s also a particularly good choice for site owners that outsource writing tasks, as you can use Surfer to create detailed briefs for writers, and maintain consistent quality standards thanks to the content scoring system.

I particularly like how well Surfer works with other platforms & how useful it is for teams. For example, Content Editors can be generated and shared to unlimited team members via a share link. Then, the Chrome extension allows you to optimize content directly within Google Docs and WordPress.

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