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A website according to your expectations

Do you know what the best part is? We only need 5 key points how your page should look like!
You’ll be asked a few quick questions, and work on your website will begin in no time. You can look forward to it

Your image chiseled on the web

Our designers conceive a website according to your expectations and wishes. After all, nothing should be missing from it.
However, if something affected is still required, we will get in touch with you. Ultimately, your website should stand out and be carved in stone or like the web

let’s go

Your website is ready! More exciting than Christmas, you can grow your business. Are you missing something or do you not like a little thing? no problem
You can of course tell us what you want to change, so that our experts can improve your site in no time. So you can completely take care of your affairs.

Why a website?

Honestly? Do you know any reputable company that doesn’t have a website?
We neither. Right now, getting a website has never been easier. The simplest bloggers own a website. So you want your company or person to
grow or do you want to risk losing it?

What is crucial to decide on a website?

Just imagine, we are both in a new city and we are hungry. What would you or I or anyone else new do?
Right! Very likely google it and try one with the best reviews. Could now be a restaurant
keep up, which WILL NOT be shown?

Do I really need a website?

A big yes! If you can’t find it online, you don’t exist. A very true saying. Always keep in mind where the future customers are going. Can it happen that my target group has changed or shifted?
Another saying that underpins this is: “If you don’t keep up with the times, you will keep up with the times!” Of course, you ultimately decide what is good for your company.

Sales boost? Let your business grow!

That is already a matter of course. How so? You simply reach a lot more people than with classic advertising. You couldn’t achieve this reach with any flyer or advertisements in newspapers.
The best? The cash register will ring more times than you can imagine. Testing is above studying.

What about the mobile view?

Of course we can also implement this. Mobile view is one of the most important criteria for findability in search engines. This means that this is very relevant for Google and Co. There
With more and more people using their cell phones to go online, a responsive view has become indispensable. Or ask yourself how often you go on the internet and with which device. This is exactly why it should
definitely give a cellphone view.

With our elegance you save a lot of effort and time and unnecessary headaches!

Is that a modular system? No, absolutely not. With us, every website must be best adapted to the respective customer. A conventional construction kit cannot keep up. Our web designers work to make this possible
exactly to your wishes and needs. After that, a website is like your business card on the internet. This must also look accordingly. You can always rely on our experts.

How much does a website usually cost?

This is a very good question. Unfortunately, you can’t answer that directly. After all, it is not a finished product, but has to be adapted to you and your business. In addition, it depends
indicate whether you are hiring a freelancer or dedicating yourself to an agency. So how much does a website cost? You can also ask how much a house will cost me. One would answer, where should it be? How many rooms and bathrooms do you want
have it? How many square meters? You understand, that’s where we’re headed. For a traditional web designer, these are the basics you need to figure out your website. But in general you have to pay for know-how and time. Like it

  1. Collect points and create concept ( 2 – 3 h )
  2. Information structure structure (7 – 11 h)
  3. Server setup (3 – 6 h)
  4. Edit all discussed points ( 24 – 48 h )
  5. Quality control (4 – 5 h)
  6. Improvements ( 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. )
  7. Can you imagine how much money that can cost?

As a rule, we are talking about a sum between 2500 – 5000 euros. If you really want it to be professional, like a big business, it can do even more
than 10,000 euros. And that’s no joke, feel free to chat to a web designer about that. Of course that’s a lot of money. But it gets even thicker. The website