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What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server, or computing server, is a machine that allocates all of its hardware resources to the user. Unlike a virtual server, which allocates a portion of the resources to virtualisation technology, a dedicated server offers you all of its RAM, storage, and computing power. This technology can be applied to cloud computing, while dedicated servers are referred to as ‘bare-metal’. This type of solution emphasises the physical availability of the server’s hardware resources, in contrast to services based on virtual instances.

Which dedicated server should I choose?

Our dedicated server configurations are specially adapted to suit a wide range of professional uses. Depending on your needs, you can opt for more RAM, more storage space, or a faster processor.

Baduno dedicated servers also stand out because of their bandwidth capacity and associated services. You can also use our anti-DDoS solution that is adapted for gaming — and our private network (vRack) can be used to connect your dedicated server to your infrastructure, or even hardware RAID. Choose a configuration that best suits your needs.

Cloud solutions, shared hosting or a dedicated server?

There are two main factors that make a dedicated server different from a cloud instance. Firstly, the machine’s raw performance is different: there is no virtualisation layer consuming resources on a dedicated server, so you are guaranteed full use of the physical resources. The second difference concerns the level of server administration. With a dedicated server, you manage everything from its configuration to the data hosted on it, and you are also responsible for ensuring that it is secure. This means you can opt for a more advanced installation, which is essential for the use of certain business applications (for example). The main benefit of a dedicated solution is the total freedom you get as an administrator. However, if you would like to avoid technical management and concentrate solely on your web project, then Baduno Public Cloud instances are the best solution for you. Just need to build a simple website? Take a look at our shared hosting solutions, which offer you a hosting platform at an unbeatable cost, with the configuration fully managed by Baduno.

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